Login Problems with LON-CAPA

Which browsers can I use with LON-CAPA?

LON-CAPA is designed to work with the following browsers on the following operating systems If you have problems logging in with any browser or any operating system not listed above, please use another browser or computer. Please please submit a help request to LON-CAPA support if you have any problems.

I would like to use my Pocket Computer or PDA to access LON-CAPA

While we can make no guarantees that LON-CAPA will work with your particular Pocket Computer or PDA, it runs fine on Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods using Safari, as well as on several Android devices.

I get "Username and/or password could not be authenticated"

I get a list of computers ...

This means that the server you attempted to login to is currently not available. For example, it might be undergoing maintenance. Please click on any of the other server, giving preference to the ones that say "preferred."

I get "Information needed to verify your login information is missing, inaccessible or expired"

LON-CAPA does internal encryption of password information submitted from the login screen, but only keeps the decryption information for a day. Simply pull up the login screen again. If that does not solve the problem, please wait for 20 minutes, reload the login page, and try again. If after 20 minutes LON-CAPA still gives you the same message, please submit a help request to LON-CAPA support. The server administrator will be able to verify your situation and re-enable logins.

I hit "Log In," but nothing happens, or I get error messages and warnings

After logging in, I get the message "Welcome," but then nothing happens