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As Course Coordinator in a class you can upload course rosters containing lists of students, or alternatively lists of teaching personnel (excluding additional Course Coordinators). Intended roles (instructor, TA, student etc.) for each user can be either read from the file, or a default can be specified.

  1. Mouseover the People item in the inline menu and click Users or select Manage course users in the Main Menu.

  2. At the User Management screen, select Upload a File of Course Users.

  3. Type the path to the file that contains the user list, or click the
    button to locate the file on your machine.

  4. Select the appropriate file type from the drop-down menu (usually CSV spreadsheet). To see how to generate a CSV file, refer to Help.

  5. Click the

  6. The next screen allows you to associate the uploaded spreadsheet's columns with the necessary student fields, such as: Last Name, First Name, etc. Use the drop-down menus to make an association for each of the spreadsheet's columns.

    NOTE: If you wish to associate a particular column to more than one field (if, for example, you wish to make the students' initial passwords the same as their student/employee id), click the

    Reverse Association
    button. Then you can assign columns of the spreadsheet to more than one field. You can also set the login type, the start/end dates for the students from this page.

  7. Once you have the column assignment and defaults set, click the
    Update Users
    button to finish.

  8. If you had checked the "Full Update" box, after processing of the uploaded file, a list of students who are in the course, but who were not listed in the uploaded file will be displayed, and you will have the opportunity to drop some, or all, of those students.